Our patient's opinions

I am extremely pleased with the effect of the surgery, care and after care ,but also with the approach of the doctor and the staff to me. Doctor is an expert with great tact, knowledge and expertise. What we agreed during the visit was fulfilled. During my stay at the Clinic I felt very comfortable. Every doubt was cleared up. Post-operative care is outstanding. The Doctor was constantly available, either by phone or in person. If I ever decide to do any plastic surgery in future, it will be only at Dr. Charytonowicz.

Allyyy | Poland

A very professional approach to the patient. Comprehensive answers to the questions, dispelled all doubts. Great care both before and after the procedure. The end result met my expectations. I truly recommend it.

papilka | Poland

Full professionalism! I had a total nose correction performed by Dr. Charytonowicz. Both before and after the procedure, I felt that I was in professional hands. After the treatment, 9 months have passed and I am happy with a beautiful nose 🙂

edytawysocka | Poland

If I decide to improve something else in my appearance in future I will definitely come back to Dr. Charytonowicz. An extremely professional man. He dispelled all my doubts and fully answered every question I had about the operation. A very specific man, patient and understanding. I could not decide  which size of the implants should I choose. At the beginning I was not convinced with the implants doctor recommended. I ended up measuring the size three times and finally decided on the size recommended by the doctor. And it was the best decision I could have made. With all this, Mr. Michał is extremely nice and I did not feel any discomfort during consultations. I highly recommend the Clinic and the specialist! Thank you again!

Katarzyna | Poland