dr Grażyna Nasińska-Jurek

dr Grażyna Nasińska-Jurek

Plastic surgery specialist, paediatric surgery specialist

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Academy of Medicine in Krakow in 1986. She obtained her 2nd degree specialisation in paediatric surgery after an internship at the Paediatric Surgery Clinic of the Polish-American Institute of Paediatrics in Kraków, where she attended training as part of the Project Hope Foundation.
She used her professional experience to establish 2 paediatric surgery departments, at one of which she was the deputy head. Her professional experience as a surgeon includes work at the Provincial General Surgery Department.

Received the title of a specialist in plastic surgery in 2004 after an internship at the Plastic Surgery Clinic, Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education, Warsaw, supervised by Jerzy Potocki, Doctor Medicinae.
Supplemented her plastic surgery knowledge and skills in, among others, England, Spain, Turkey, Italy and Sweden.

A versatile surgeon with particularly wide experience in the surgery of the nose, eyelids and breast plastic surgery.

Has worked for private plastic surgery clinics of established reputation and as a plastic surgery consultant at an ophthalmology department.

A member of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and, since 2005, of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, who regularly attends training at this organisation.