dr Jakub Miszczyk, MD

dr Jakub Miszczyk, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Aesthetic medicine doctor

Doctor Jakub Miszczyk has completed his specialization training in plastic surgery in 2022. He has been associated with this field of medicine from the beginning of his medical studies. He learns the art of plastic surgery from the best doctors in Poland and abroad, constantly deepens his knowledge during numerous congresses and trainings, and is the author of numerous scientific publications and congress reports. Anatomical research carried out at the Department of Normal Anatomy at the Medical University of Warsaw and specialization training in plastic surgery provide him with the necessary knowledge of tissue physiology and topographical anatomy, which translates into subtlety, precision and safety of the performed procedures.

At our Clinic he participates in surgeries and performs minimally invasive procedures. His interests involve aesthetic medicine, laser therapy, hair restoration surgery, lipotransfers and smaller plastic surgery procedures. Excellent knowledge of the technique and scope of all plastic surgeries allows him to conduct complementary treatments in cooperation with plastic surgery specialist, physiotherapist and cosmetologist. Individualized pre- and post-surgical protocols help prepare patients for surgery, support the healing process and scar formation, ensure optimal final results, and even postpone the need for surgical intervention by several years.

His passion is design and applied art. He successfully trains swimming.