Aesthetic medicine procedures bring the expected results, provided that they are carried out by experienced professionals who use specialist equipment. These include, without a doubt, Alma Harmony lasers which offer a wide range of applications. They are used, among others, to even out skin tone, reduce visibility of wrinkles, remove unwanted tattoos, get rid of discolorations and erythema. The effects of their work are considered to be very good.

Alma Harmony XL Pro iPixel

iPixel laser is used for resurfacing to effectively remove wrinkles, even out skin tone and get rid of acne scars. It is recommended for flaccid skin and dilated pores. iPixel is an erbium-yag laser with 2940 nm wavelength. The device emits many microscopic beams that evoke a thermal effect and create micro-lesions on the skin (not visible to the naked eye). This stimulates the organism to create new better tissue. After the treatment, the epidermis is exfoliated, collagen fibres stimulated and reconstructed.

Alma Harmony Clear Lift

Clear Lift is a neodymium-yag laser with 1064/532 nm wavelength. It is a Q Switch non-ablative fractional device. This means that the laser beam does not damage stratum corneum or the dermis during treatment, but instead heats up its inner layer. This leads to the formation of new collagen fibres, so the skin becomes more taut, stretch marks are reduced and wrinkles less visible within a short period of time. Laser therapy is completely safe. Slight redness may appear on the skin, with no visible lesions after the treatment.

Alma Harmony XL Pro Dye-VL

If you suffer from haemangiomas, erythema or skin discolorations, you can benefit from Alma Harmony XL Pro Dye-VL laser treatment. It uses intensive pulsed light technology known as IPL. It has a wavelength of 450 – 600 nm and its light is properly concentrated through a system of three filters. The treatment is virtually painless, the patient can return to his or her daily activities without any downtime. The effects of Alma Harmony XL Pro Dye-VL, such as even skin tone, are visible after the first treatment.

Alma Harmony XL Pro Nd:YAG Long Pulsed

Dilated and broken blood vessels are problematic, not only because of the way they look or make you feel, but also from the point of view of health. If you suffer from spider veins, it is worth to take appropriate measures and use a neodymium-yag Nd:YAG Long Pulsed laser treatment with 1064 nm wavelength. The device generates infrared light, which is absorbed by oxyhaemoglobin in blood. The vessels are exposed, and as a result, haemoglobin heats up, coagulates and the vessels close. The procedure does not damage the skin, so patients do not feel too much discomfort.

Alma Harmony Nd:YAG

Nd:YAG neodymium-yag laser offers high power and a wavelength of 1064/532 nm. It is irreplaceable in tattoo removal, regardless of the colour or depth of dye. The device produces a photo-acoustic shock wave in short nanosecond pulses. It thus breaks down dye particles into smaller fragments, which are then removed by the body in the process of phagocytosis. A series of treatments is required to obtain the expected outcomes.

Alma Harmony - Price


Price from

Price to


Clear Lift

70 €

310 €


Acne treatment - face

140 €

270 €



70 €

450 €


iPixel (scars, stretch marks)

110 €

450 €


iPixel (laser peeling) - face

140 €



iPixel - stretch marks 10x10cm

140 €