BBL Phototherapy


Reduce signs of skin aging with light energy

BBL phototherapy is a non-invasive, innovative technology that helps to reduce and delay signs of skin ageing. Studies conducted at Stanford University in the United States show that Forever Young BBL™ therapy can alter the expression of genes related to ageing of the skin and restore its younger appearance. The procedure is based on light energy and its selective absorption by tissue. Light energy is later changed to heat, which warms up upper layers of the skin and stimulates cells to produce new collagen.

The procedure is perfect for treatment of discolouration, sunspots and enlarged vessels. After the procedure, the skin has uniform colouration, increased tension and smoother surface. The procedure lasts from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the treated area and type of treatment being performed. During the procedure, the patient may feel a warm sensation.

Slight redness may occur after the procedure, disappearing after a few hours. In the case of discolouring, the lesions initially become darker and more visible and then exfoliate.

The procedure does not require any period of convalescence.

After the procedure you should avoid direct sun exposure by covering your skin or by using a sunscreen with a high SPF when going out.

Studies show that regular use of Forever Young BBL™ slows down the ageing process.

The procedure restores natural skin colour, smooths the skin and reduces fine wrinkles.  In addition, it reduces dilated vessels and discolouration.  As a result of the treatment, the skin becomes smoother and more youthful. Regular use of Forever Young BBL™ helps keep the skin in good condition for a long time.

BBL Phototherapy - Price


Price from

Price to


Phototherapy BBL - one part

750 PLN

1 500 PLN


Phototherapy BBL - scar

300 PLN


Phototherapy BBL - face and neck

2 000 PLN


Phototherapy BBL - neck and decolletage

1 500 PLN


Phototherapy BBL - face, neck and decolletage

3 000 PLN


Phototherapy BBF - face, neck, decolletage and hands

3 500 PLN