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Sweat is not sweet

Hyperhydrosis is a medical condition that creates a nuisance in everyday life for women as well as men. It decreases life quality and frequently leads to general indisposition. Luckily, hyperhydrosis can be effectively cured, which improves the comfort of everyday life.

In our Clinic we offer the miraDry® System – an innovative method of treating armpit hyperhydrosis. It consists in emitting precise, shallowly penetrating and targeted doses of microwave energy into soft tissue of the patient’s armpit to treat excessive sweating (primary armpit hyperhydrosis). For a few days after the procedure slight swelling may occur, change of sensation in the skin under the armpits and moderate pain may be felt, but all of these symptoms gradually disappear. As sweat glands do not regenerate, the results are noticeable and lasting already after the first procedure. Sometimes repeat procedure is recommended after three months in order to maximize the expected result.

Due to procedure duration please make a booking in advance in the reception of the Clinic.

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Hyperhydrosis - miraDry System

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