Against gravity

As time goes by, gravity seems to be clearly against us – in particular when it comes to the looks. Some parts of the face begin to gravitate towards the ground, become drooping and unattractive. This is a natural process and you can stop it naturally.

Ulthera ™ is our “special agent” against the forces of gravity. The procedure reduces age-related excess skin and sagging, which results in, for example, visible elevation of the upper eyelid. The look becomes more open, and the face gets a refreshed, younger expression. Lifting effect and increasing skin tension can also be achieved in other sensitive areas that are important for the shape of the face and appearance of the neck, such as cheeks, jawline, or chin.

Face modelling with Ulthera ™ is exceptionally precise and skin rejuvenation is spectacular. This procedure is recommended for people with low eyebrows, excess upper eyelid skin, drooping eyelids, sagging cheek skin (flattened central parts of cheeks), deep nasolabial folds, sagging chin skin, disappearing jawline and drooping mouth corners.

Therapy begins with a diagnosis entailing visualization of the subcutaneous tissue. This is possible thanks to the unique DeepSEE™ ultrasound imaging technology that the Ulthera ™ device is equipped with. This is the first device on the market that gives you the ability to view the structure of the skin tissue to a depth of as much as 8 mm. This allows the doctor to accurately assess the condition of the skin and accurately determine the depth at which the treatment will be performed.

The doctor then proceeds to the therapeutic phase, which consists in directing specially selected ultrasound streams (in terms of frequency and intensity). Uniqueness of the Ulthera ™ technology lies in the nature of these streams, which non-invasively pass through the outer layers of the skin and act only in its deeper parts. Local energy deposition occurs where ultrasonic waves meet and the so-called “thermal coagulation points” are created. They initiate immediate natural response of the body – production of new, improved collagen, which results in gradual lifting, firming and improvement of skin tension.

The procedure does not require convalescence and you can immediately return to your daily activities. Mild erythema, which can occur on the skin, lasts for no more than one or two hours. Slight oedema, seen in some patients, disappears after 1-2 days. For a few days the treated area may be more delicate and sensitive to touch.

Lifting effect and better skin tension manifest themselves gradually up to 90 days after the treatment (duration of the new collagen production lasts that long) and is maintained for up to one year depending on individual characteristics of the patient and skin properties.

One procedure is sufficient to achieve satisfactory results. Depending on skin condition and goals of the therapy, it can be performed on one or two levels. If the skin requires only lifting, we perform the procedure only at a greater depth, affecting vectorially the skin fascia. When the skin also needs to be firmed, we additionally operate at a lower depth – in demanding areas.

Ulthera ™ - Price


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Ulthera treatment - face

700 €

2 200 €


Ulthera treatment - neck

900 €

1 100 €


Ulthera treatment - decolletage

1 100 €

1 600 €