Breast Reconstruction


Restore your femininity

Breast reconstruction has become an integral part of breast cancer treatment. There are many methods which enable the reconstruction of the lost breast: using the patient’s own tissues or breast implants.

Breast reconstruction is a procedure which consists of 3 stages: reconstruction of the lost breast, restoration of breast symmetry, reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex.

Breast reconstruction with expander and implant

This method is recommended to patients who have not undergone radiotherapy. During the first surgery, a breast expander is implanted, which is subsequently filled up to achieved the desired breast size. The second procedure involves replacing the expander with a breast implant.

Breast reconstruction with the latissimus dorsi flap

This is a method dedicated to patients who have undergone radiotherapy. It enables the transfer of a musculocutaneous flap from the back in order to ensure good quality tissue for breast reconstruction with immediate implantation of an expander or breast implant.

Regardless of the selected reconstruction method, post-operative pain is not excessive. We recommend wearing a special bra for 2 months and avoiding excessive physical activity for one month.

Subsequent stages of breast reconstruction should take place in 2-3-month intervals.

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will present reconstruction options available to the specific patient and plan the whole treatment process.

Frequently asked questions

For the first few weeks your breasts will be swollen and tender.

One of the recommendations is to avoid excessive physical activity for a month. You will have to have check-ups every three months and then every six months.

A physiotherapist at our Clinic will provide you with all the explanations and support your recovery after the procedure.

The National Health Fund finances both breast amputation and breast reconstruction surgeries in hospitals with a plastic surgery department. Our hospital offers commercial services only.

Breast reconstruction surgery is carried out under sterile conditions by highly specialised medical staff. The method of reconstruction will be adapted to your needs.

Breast reconstruction - Price


Price from

Price to


Breast reconstruction with an expander

2 500 €

2 900 €


Breast reconstruction with an LD lobe together with an expander / implant

4 900 €

5 300 €


Breast reconstruction with Becker expander prosthesis

2 900 €

3 300 €


Replacement of an expander with a prosthesis

2 500 €

2 900 €