Product for professional use.

It consists of 33% TCA, H2O2 and 5% kojic acid. The only original formula. PRX-T® 33 offers intensive skin revitalization without needles or exfoliation. Flaccid face and body skin are intensively stimulated without needles. It is an original formula combining TCA (trichloroacetic acid and hydrogen peroxide) developed by Dr Rossana Castellana. The treatment is fast, painless and leaves no traces.

PRX-T® 33 supports other aesthetic medicine procedures such as mesotherapy, threads, microneedling, radiofrequency, platelet rich plasma and lasers, with which it can be combined in a single session. This procedure can be performed at any time of the year, because neither TCA, nor any other components have photosensitizing properties. PRX-T® 33 does not cause any downtime for the patient. PRX-T® 33 does not damage the skin. It stimulates fibroblast growth factors, which in combination with H2O2 have greater affinity to specific receptors.
H2O2 – low concentration hydrogen peroxide modulates TCA aggressiveness and tissue moisturization. It enhances skin stimulation mechanisms, preparing receptors for growth factors, modulates inflammatory process, rebuilds extracellular matrix through apoptosis. 5% kojic acid inhibits melanogenesis and has a brightening effect.


INDICATIONS: loss of skin tightness on the face and body, firming neckline skin, atrophic scarring (e.g. after acne and smallpox), stretch marks, supporting the treatment of
skin discolorations, cleansing of seborrheic skin, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal activity supporting the treatment of granulation wounds.

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PRX (Face)

105 €


PRX (Face and Neck)

120 €


PRX (Face, Neck and Decolletage)

170 €


PRX - CellMat Treatment Mask

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