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Not all types of hair can be subjected to permanent laser depilation or IPL photodepilation. Both of these methods work in the case of hair containing melanin. What then in the case of grey or very light hair which is devoid of this pigment? For that we also have a method – removing hair by electrolysis.

For this type of procedure we apply an electrosurgical unit using high frequency current. The procedure consists in introducing a thin electrode into a hair follicle which emits electric current destroying its root.

Electrolysis can be applied on any skin colour, on small areas of the body (upper lip, beard, neck and sideburns). For the procedure the hair must be about 0.5 cm long. After the procedure, there may be slight redness or swelling, which usually disappear within a few hours. Small scabs may appear occasionally. Avoid sun exposure.

As the hair does not grow at the same rate, the effect of permanent hair removal occurs after repeated procedures at different stages of the hair growth cycle.

Frequently asked questions

You will be able to see the effects after approx. three weeks when when your hair grows back. You will see that your hair is thinning or was permanently removed.

Your hair will be removed during the treatment and provided that it was done in the active growth phase it will not grow back.

If you want to undergo this procedure, your hair must be approx. 0.5 cm long. You may observe slight redness or swelling after the treatment, but it usually disappears within a few hours. Small scabs may appear where the needle pricked the skin.

If your hair was removed in its active growth (anagen) phase, it will not grow back.

Electrolysis hair removal is not harmful provided that all contraindications have been followed.

Electrolysis hair removal is safe when performed correctly and all contraindications have been followed.

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