Primelase Laser Hair Removal


Comfort and convenience once and for all

Regular removal of unnecessary hair, regardless of the method of depilation we use, is troublesome and time consuming. That is why every woman dreams of getting rid of re-growing hair once and for all. However, when we begin to think seriously about permanent depilation, it is usually too late for it, because summer has just arrived and with it the sun, which is the primary contraindication to use laser.

In our clinic, permanent photodepilation IPL procedures can be performed throughout the whole year. It is possible thanks to the British IPL i200+ system. It is a high class device, which as one of few IPLs has a medical certificate. IPL depilation guarantees the best effect and safety thanks to so-called “square pulse technology”, patented and used exclusively in this device.

Photodepilation IPL i200 + emits light absorbed by melanin – the pigment that gives colour to hair and skin. IPL light absorption by melanocytes (cells containing melanin) involves transmission of large amounts of energy, which through the hair shaft reaches its bulb, effectively destroying it along with the hair follicle.

For photodepilation IPL to be effective, light-treated hair must be in the anagen phase, i.e. the growth phase. Under normal conditions, 40-80% of hair in a given skin area is in this phase. Thus, about 50% of anagenic hair follicles and hair are destroyed in a single treatment. Completely permanent effect of removing 80-100% of hair is usually achieved after 5-8 treatments. If after some time a few hairs grow back, they are much thinner, sparser and brighter, and their growth process is noticeably slower. A so called “reminder” treatment is then recommended.

Preparation for the procedure

The first procedure is preceded by consultation with a cosmetologist during which the decision about the procedure or trail tests is made after an interview. If you are qualified for the procedure, do not pull your hair out for at least 4 weeks before it (shaving is acceptable) and do not use depilatory creams for a week before.
In the case of tanned skin, the procedure can only be performed after the tan has gone out.

You should not:

  • take medicines that make you allergic to sun e.g. antibiotics (including 1 week after completion of the treatment),
  • drink St. John’s wort infusions, marigold infusions, slimming teas,
  • apply topical cosmetics and exfoliating drugs (at least 1 week before the procedure),
  • apply topical creams containing retinol, isotretinoin,
  • exfoliate your skin with peels based on fruit acids, vitamin C, etc. (at least 1 month before the procedure).

Recommendations after procedure

  • do not sunbathe, unconditionally protect your skin from the sun for at least 2 weeks after the procedure (use sunscreen with SPF 50+),
  • do not use whitening creams or perfumed products for 24-48 hours; it is recommended to use Alantan or Bepanthen cream,
  • do not rub, do not scratch the area under treatment,
  • avoid hot baths,
  • avoid swimming in swimming pools with strongly chlorinated water,
  • do not use: photosensitizing medicines, St. John’s wart infusions, marigold infusions, exfoliating cosmetics and medicines (at least for two weeks after the procedure)

Due to the fact that each skin reacts differently to the treatment, symptoms such as redness, pseudofolliculitis may occur. Local discolouration and hyperpigmentation occur very rarely. These symptoms disappear after a few days.

Frequently asked questions

Due to the fact that IPL hair removal is less aggressive and more gentle, you will have to undergo more treatments. Satisfactory effects are visible after four treatments.

The first effects are visible as soon as one week after the treatment the hair will be thinned and its regrowth will be significantly slowed down.

If carried out correctly and all contraindications have been followed, it is not harmful.

IPL hair removal is less aggressive than laser, however with poorly chosen parameters there is a risk of skin burn. The skills and experience of the device operator are crucial at this point.

IPL light depilation is indicated in case of inflammation of hair follicles or inflammation of the skin (pustules, papules). Also, IPL light depilation is safer for the skin in the summer. Laser hair removal is more aggressive and thus much more effective.