Diet in plastic surgery

A dietitian who is part of a team with a plastic surgeon has a lot to offer to patients in the area of weight loss, improved appearance, mood and health, and can help implement healthy changes in daily nutrition.

Lasting results can only be achieved, if patients follow dietician’s instructions, both before the planned surgery, as well as in the early and late postoperative period. Changing dietary habits can be difficult, but otherwise it is difficult to ensure long-lasting results of plastic surgery or aesthetic treatments.

Knowledge, experience and individual approach to patients are our top priority. We will ask you about your nutritional history, analyse your test results and help you to plan a diet that is tailored to your lifestyle, dietary preferences or possible disease related restrictions.

“Step by step”, i.e. the course of meetings with a dietitian:

  1. Dietary consultation

A dietary consultation will help us learn about your expectations and needs, your lifestyle, dietary preferences, culinary skills, level of physical activity and possible health problems.

During the first visit, your dietitian will conduct a body composition analysis, based on bioelectric impedance using a professional medical analyser.

This analysis will tell you the following:

  • how much total body fat you have (all over your body) and what is the rate of abdominal fat,
  • how much muscle mass you have,
  • whether you have any swellings and
  • what is your BMI and basic metabolism.

In order to make the measurement results more reliable, avoid drinking liquids or stimulants (coffee, alcohol) and intense physical activity before the planned visit.

It is recommended to bring notes on your diet in the last 2-3 days and current bloodwork results – glucose, fasting insulin, lipid profile test, thyroid profile, liver enzymes (results not older than 3 months). If you don’t have them, during the consultation we will determine together which health parameters should be examined.

At the end of the consultation, we will establish a “healthy” dietary management plan, and we will send your dietary guidelines by e-mail within a few days.


  1. Individual nutritional plan

During your next consult, the dietitian will present you with an individually arranged model nutritional plan with substitutes, tailored to your needs and expectations, designed to make your daily nutrition pleasant, tasty and easy to prepare.


  1. Follow-up consultations

Their aim is to check the effectiveness of the implemented changes, modify and diversify your menu and determine the course of further improvements. During each visit, your body composition will be analysed to assess progress.

Whenever appropriate, we will additionally recommend: in-depth diagnostics, food intolerance tests or supplementation.

It is important to feel good in one’s own skin and to nurture a healthy lifestyle, therefore each follow-up appointment is intended to motivate and support you.


We are open to your expectations and needs. You can be sure that our dietician is a competent, nice and smiling person, who guarantees a friendly atmosphere and good results.