Brow Lift Surgery


Your recipe for more cheerful appearance

Forehead wrinkles and lines may give your face a tired look. A surgical brow lift helps change this impression as it makes your face appear more youthful and cheerful and gives brighter and more open look to your eyes.

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. Once an incision is made at the hairline, forehead skin is tightened, muscle activity is modified and brows are lifted. As surgical scars are hidden underneath the hair, they are practically invisible.

After the brow lift your eyelids may be swollen and bruised. However, swelling and bruising should disappear after two weeks. The final result of the brow lift is evaluated after three months.

Good results are achieved with a combination of the brow lift with a face lift or an eyelid surgery. Both procedures may be performed at the same time.



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Brow Lift

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