Ear Reconstruction Surgery


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Plastic surgery is not only about beauty improvements. In some cases, certain body parts are reconstructed from scratch to make them look just normal. An ear reconstruction surgery is one of such procedures. An ear, underdeveloped or malformed during the foetal development period or lost through trauma, can be completely reconstructed. This is a challenging procedure which requires high precision and extensive surgical experience. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a clinic with a proven track record such as ours where surgical results speak for themselves.

Ear reconstruction surgeries are performed in patients older than 6 years so that there is sufficient cartilage available for the graft. The procedure is performed in two phases.

  • First, cartilage is harvested from the patient’s rib and used to carve and form an ear structure, which is sewn underneath the skin at the site of the ear.
  • After 6 months, a developed ear is separated from the skull through the skin graft.
Both phases are performed under a general anaesthesia, therefore each time one day stay at the clinic is required.

Frequently asked questions

Postoperative swelling may persist for up to a month after surgery.

You will be able to see the reconstructive effect immediately after the surgery. For a full cosmetic result you will have to wait approximately 6 to 12 months after the last stage of surgery.

Ear reconstruction surgery can be carried out in patients aged six or more, because reconstruction of the auricle requires an appropriate amount of cartilage material.

Reconstruction of the auricle is performed under general anaesthesia and you will have to stay at the clinic for one day. You will be qualified for this procedure by our plastic surgeon and anaesthesiologist (based on a range of general tests). Therefore, you will be prepared for the operation and safe.

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Ear Reconstruction

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