Facial Implants


Fall in love with the face in the mirror

Facial implants provide an excellent solution to refine your facial contour or improve proportions and symmetry of your face. Facial implants are recommended whenever you wish to:
  • Have more prominent cheekbones
  • Correct your hallow cheeks
  • Correct your receding chin
  • Correct your underdeveloped jaw

There are different types of facial implants available. During a pre-surgery consultation our experts select the size and shape of implants that suit you best. The procedure is performed in the way which helps obtain the most natural looking results with no traces of surgical intervention visible. During the surgery, the surgeon makes small incisions next to the selected implant placement site. Facial implants are most often implanted at the following sites: the interior of the oral cavity (at the gum line), lower eyelid or chin groove. Next, an implant pocket is formed, the implant is inserted into the pocket and the incision is sewn up. Finally, a dressing is applied.

Following the procedure, facial redness and swelling may persist for up to a maximum of 10 days. For a few days, biting and chewing food may pose some difficulties. During the first week after the surgery, you should avoid any abrupt facial expressions and bending.

For enhanced results, you may combine facial implants with another procedure such as forehead or face lift or eyelid surgery. In this case, cheek implants are inserted through the incisions made for the purpose of the face or forehead lift.

Facial fat grafting (facial fat transfer) is an alternative treatment to facial implants procedure (see: Picture 4).

Facial Implants - Price


Price from

Price to


Face Implant - chin

9 000 PLN

11 000 PLN


Face Implant - cheeks

11 000 PLN

13 000 PLN