(Acoustic) Shockwave INTELECT RPW


Your highly effective anti-cellulite weapon

Cellulite is a true menace. Once it invades your territory it is hard to beat it with conventional methods. Reach for an unconventional weapon and use the RPW shockwave to eliminate not only the visible effects of cellulite but also the underlying causes of the “orange peel”. With Shockwave INTELECT RPW treatments you will beat your cellulite and get a range of additional benefits. The treatment will improve skin firmness and elasticity and help lose a few inches off your thighs or upper arms. Cellulite is nothing else but overgrown fat cells pushed out to the surface of the skin. They are accompanied by vertical, inelastic fibres of the connective tissue. These fibres do not stretch the way they should and therefore, together with their surrounding adipose tissue, they cause an uneven skin appearance known as the orange peel.

Shockwave INTELECT RPW emits acoustic wave of varied intensity aligned to the individual patient sensitivity and needs. Permeating through the skin and fat cells, the wave causes disintegration of collagen which normally creates fibrils in the connective tissue. As a result, fibrils become more elastic while subcutaneous fat cells, the main components of cellulite, are reduced. In addition, the RPW shockwave therapy promotes blood circulation and production of the new collagen. Cellulite reduction, improved skin firmness and texture are visible after the first treatment. The Shockwave INTELECT RPW therapy improves skin elasticity by 74% immediately after the treatment and up to 110% during the following six months. Enough to say that other therapies improve skin elasticity only by 15-20%. In addition, RPW stimulates blood and lymph circulation, which helps improve metabolism. Consequently, skin becomes firmer and all areas of the body which were subject to treatment become visibly thinner.

The following results of the Shockwave INTELECT RPW therapy were confirmed by research:

  • Reduction of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree cellulite
  • Orange peel reduced by o 94%
  • Skin elasticity increased by 110%
  • Remodelling of the body up to -7cm
  • Reduced circumference in 82% of cases
  • Smoother and softer skin in 95% of cases

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