CoolTech Cryolipolysis


Freeze-off your fat

Although there are many ways you may choose to lose your excess fat, the innovative CoolTech technology from COCCON Medical is one of the most effective weight reduction methods. Non-invasive and painless, it is perfect for patients, since they do not need to suffer and they see the visible results right after the first treatment.

During the treatment, selective damage to fat cells is produced through a controlled cold exposure with no damage caused to dermis or epidermis. After the end of the cooling process, dead adipose cells are released to the lymphatic system, metabolized and excreted through natural physiological process.

CoolTech Cryolipolysis innovative technology provides precise control of the cooling process, preventing side effects such as bruised or reddened skin. The temperature is set at – 8 °C and is consistent throughout the duration of the treatment. The precisely defined cooling time assures effective and safe therapy with no risk of damage to other tissues.