Therapeutic injection of energy

Electrotherapy is a useful and effective pain management method, supporting regeneration processes of the body. It uses direct current and low and medium frequency pulsed current to relieve pain and improve lymph circulation, nutrition processes and metabolism.

Different types of electrotherapy may be recommended to meet various therapeutic needs:

Galvanization uses unidirectional current. Depending on the preselected characteristic of the current and placement of electrodes on the patient’s body, different outcomes are obtained. The therapy relieves pain, promotes tissue repair and reabsorption of hematoma or effusion.

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is electrical stimulation using low-frequency pulsed currents which are powerful pain relievers. It is an excellent addition and occasionally an alternative to analgesics. TENS acts in a dual way. First, it stimulates patient’s body to generate endogenous opioids, our internal “pain killers”. Second, it blocks transmission of pain signals in the nervous system.

Interferential current is generated when two medium-frequency alternating currents of similar frequencies overlap. As a result of their interference, a therapeutic electrical stimulus is generated in the body to support tissue healing.

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