Substantial pain relief

Recovery from surgery and medical procedures may be a painful and strenuous process. Fortunately, contemporary medicine offers more and more methods to help increase wellbeing and comfort of patients suffering from postoperative pain. Magnetic field is one of the more effective methods. Penetrating through the whole body, magnetic field reaches each and every cell and brings patients substantial pain relief.

Magnetotherapy is performed with a device emitting electromagnetic field and an applicator in a form of a coil. Patients do not need to take off their clothes to undergo this therapy and sessions may start when patients still wear their dressings during an early postoperative period. Research proves that magnetic field relieves pain and provides antioedema and anti-inflammatory effects. It supports wound healing and helps with muscle relaxation.

Magnetotherapy - Price


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30 PLN

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Therapeutic appointment (with selected physical treatments)

150 PLN

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