Ultrasound Liposuction Vaser Lipo


A revolution in body shaping

Slender, athletic silhouette is nowadays a canon of beauty so willingly followed by women and men regardless of their age. Dieting and exercising are indispensable to achieve that, but even the most beautifully shaped muscles are not always visible underneath a layer a superficial, persistent fat.

We realize how discouraging it can be to someone who regularly takes care of their body. That is why we would like to offer you an exceptional solution – ultrasound lipolysis Vaser Lipo a revolutionary liposuction method. It will help you get rid of excess fatty tissue in a quick and painless manner to make your muscles visible underneath a firm and elastic skin.

Ultrasound lipolysis Vaser Lipo shapes fat deposits the way you desire. Delicate ultrasound energy is aimed directly at the fatty tissue without damaging nerves, blood vessels or connective tissue. This accelerates recovery and helps achieve spectacular outcomes.

Body shaping by means of this method offers incredible possibilities, because 90% of the harvested fat can be transferred to other areas. This is an opportunity to shape other body parts such as face, breasts or buttocks.

Ultrasound lipolysis Vaser Lipo offers an extra benefit as it makes your skin tighter and firmer, which is impossible to achieve by means of traditional liposuction methods. These outcomes are possible due to the use of ultrasound technology.

Contrary to traditional liposuction ultrasound lipolysis Vaser Lipo is almost a pain-free procedure with little risk of complications. It also ensures faster recovery time.

Ultrasound Liposuction Vaser Lipo - Price


Price from

Price to


Abdomen Liposuction

2 500 €

2 900 €


Thigh Liposuction

2 000 €

2 200 €


Hip Liposuction

2 200 €

2 700 €


Buttock Liposuction

2 000 €

2 500 €


Knee Liposuction

1 400 €

1 600 €


Calve Liposuction

2 000 €

2 500 €