What do we do for your safety?

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What do we do to make sure you are safe?

Dear Patients, we developed procedures that were subjected to an external, comprehensive audit. Their implementation and control took more than two weeks. During this time, we analysed numerous possible scenarios in order to protect you and the entire staff from virus transmission as much as possible. We are confident that we have done everything we can to reduce the risk to a minimum.

Our measures are based on the implemented sanitary regime and several key changes in the functioning of our clinic. It is worth pointing out that we have always been a leader in quality of service and patient safety.  


We are there for you


  1. The entire clinic staff wears masks – it’s a requirement imposed on all hospitals. A simple safeguard that protects all of us from virus transmission.
  2. We have several dozen hand disinfection stations at the clinic. We disinfect our hands for you, you disinfect yours for us.
  3. We disinfect handles and other surfaces several dozen times a day, it is a simple, but important form of virus elimination.
  4. Each Patient visit at our clinic is preceded by an epidemiological telephone interview made by an assistant trained for this purpose. We ask these few simple questions for the sake of your health and safety. The interview is the basic criterion in identifying potentially infected people.
  5. We divided our clinic's working time into time slots and limited contact between patients to an absolute minimum. Patients preparing for surgery, patients in recovery and those using aesthetic medicine treatments are admitted at the appointed hours. We take particular care to protect Patients in recovery after surgery.
  6. We extended the time of each visit in order to avoid delays. There is a minimum number of Patients at the reception desk at any one time. We also ask that you do not take accompanying persons with you.
  7. Every Patient and staff member entering the clinic have their temperature checked.
  8. We completely separated the hospital and outpatient part of our clinic. This is of key importance for Patient safety, especially in the perioperative period.
  9. Every Patient is tested for coronavirus before the surgery. The surgery may affect Patient’s immunity in the recovery period, so we want to make sure that the risk of the operation is not increased.
  10. For your comfort - every room is a single-bed room. So you can take off the mask and feel at home. :)
  11. We recommend that you stay at home in the postoperative period and inform the clinic staff about any disturbing symptoms.


What you can do for us 


  1. Patients at the clinic wear masks when in contact with our staff. Off course they do not have to wear them in their (single) rooms.
  2. There are several dozen hand disinfection stations at the clinic. We disinfect our hands for you, you disinfect yours for us.
  3. The visit to the clinic is preceded by an epidemiological telephone interview with a trained assistant. Remember that the few minutes you spend on this are decisive for your and our safety.
  4. Post-operative consultations, outpatient procedures and hospital admissions take place at specific times of day.
  5. Punctuality is crucial nowadays. Accurate planning of the time of your visit gives you comfort and safety and allows to avoid unnecessary contacts.
  6. Every staff member entering the hospital has their temperature checked.
  7. All patients on the ward were tested for viral infection - your safety is our priority.
  8. For your comfort, each room is single-bed room. So you can take off your mask and feel at home. However, remember to wear your mask when contacting the staff and other patients.
  9. During recovery period stay in touch with the attending doctor or the clinic staff, informing them about anything of concern or out of the ordinary. You must feel completely safe at all times.
  10. Patients' admissions for surgical procedures take place from 10.00 to 11.00. If we are all punctual, we will avoid unnecessary contacts at the clinic.
  11. Patients' discharges take place from 8.00 to 10.00. If you must stay longer, please report it to the clinic staff.

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