Aesthetic Gynaecology


Aesthetic Gynaecology

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Our aesthetic gynaecology procedures

Labiaplasty – a labia minora correction procedure aimed at changing the shape as well as the size of labia minora. It can be performed using different surgical techniques: the first one is the Trim technique, i.e. removal of the labia majora edges. The second is the Wedge technique which involves a wedge-shaped resection where the tissues are cut into a ‘V’ shape. Our clinic also offers a surgery using a proprietary technique developed by Dr Dawid Serafin, called The Dewedge. Labioplasty may be performed under general or local anaesthesia.

Perineoplasty – plastic surgery of the perineum. It is performed when the problem involves a distorted and widened vaginal opening. This usually occurs as a result of perinatal injuries. During the procedure, the deformed tissues of the vaginal vestibule and the perineum are cut into a diamond shape and then sewn together with re-approximation of the muscles that are located at the vaginal opening. The procedure is often chosen by women who have had their vagina and perineum ruptured or stretched during childbirth. Vaginoplasty is also recommended when there is damage to the pelvic floor muscles and stretching of the circular vaginal muscles (this causes enlargement of the vaginal opening and lowering of the reproductive organs). The procedure is carried out under general or local anaesthesia.

Hymenoplasty – a hymen reconstruction procedure which consists in proper shaping of its fragments and restoration of continuity. It is still gaining on popularity and is often chosen by women who want to re-experience their “first time”. In addition, hymenoplasty is sometimes part of therapy for people who have experienced sexual trauma. It is carried out under local anaesthesia.

Hymenotomy – a procedure to remove the hymen. Partial or complete imperforate hymen makes it difficult to enjoy sexual life and may cause many other problems: pressure on the bladder, pain in the lower abdomen and even lack of menstruation. Hymenotomy should be carried out after the end of menstruation, in the first phase of the cycle.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation – a procedure correcting vaginal laxity and problems related to stress urinary incontinence. It is performed using a CO2 FemiLift laser that emits a beam which is broken down into micropixels. The induced controlled thermal effect increases the amount of collagen fibres and shrinks the vaginal musculature. Laser rejuvenation of the vagina allows to improve its condition, increase hydration of the mucous membrane and get rid of the problem of laxity.

Laser treatment of urinary incontinence – a procedure that improves vaginal tightness. It is carried out with the use of FemiLift laser. This innovative and non-invasive technique is ideal for initial stages of stress urinary incontinence and can be used preventively in women after natural childbirth.