Hymen repair (also known as hymenoplasty) involves forming of torn pieces of the hymen and recreating its continuity.
Hymenoplasty involves reformation of shreds of the hymen and restoration of its continuity. Hymen reconstruction has recently been very popular among women who want to relive their “first time”. The procedure is most often performed by women who want to rebuild their religious, cultural or ethnic beliefs. Hymen can also be damaged during a medical examination or due to the use of tampons or masturbation. Total hymen reconstruction is possible thanks to plastic gynaecology.

The presence of the hymen stands for innocence, which in many countries (especially Arab countries) is a precondition for getting married. Hymen reconstruction gives the impression of its presence, thanks to which the partner feels resistance during penetration – there is also slight bleeding. Moreover, in many countries the procedure is reimbursed, if the patient was a rape victim. In this case, the procedure may help regain mental balance and comfort during intercourse with a loved partner. Hymenoplasty is performed under local anesthesia and consists in suturing the remains of the natural hymen, which is located on the vaginal walls.

Hymenoplasty cannot be performed in women who gave birth, as well as women who suffer from unmanaged diabetes, vaginal infection or cancer. Even though the procedure does not cause any complications, it should always be preceded by a professional medical consultation. After the procedure it is recommended to ensure increased vaginal hygiene to prevent infection. Sexual abstinence and avoidance of physical activity are recommended several days after the procedure.

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