Hymenotomy is often mistaken for an aesthetic procedure of the intimate area, but in some cases it is the only solution for women with congenital vaginal defects.

Pain during intercourse can be embarrassing, especially for young women who may get discouraged from coitus. Usually, the reason behind this problem is a partially or completely imperforate hymen, which requires hymenotomy. Imperforate hymen has extremely unpleasant symptoms, such as pain in the abdomen, pressure on the bladder, lack of menstruation and pain during intercourse. This procedure is indispensable for women with congenital vaginal defects: the membrane blocks outflow of mucus and menstrual blood. During the procedure aesthetic gynaecologist removes the membrane. Prior to the procedure, the patient must make an appointment with a specialist and present her bloodwork, i.e.: blood group, morphology, urine test, clotting index, etc.

It is recommended to abstain from alcohol, tobacco and drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) one week before the procedure. The procedure is carried out in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, after the end of menstruation.

After the surgery the patient should remain at the Clinic for a follow-up for at least 24 hours. Physical effort should be limited for a few weeks after the procedure as pain may persist. Moreover, usually there is a swelling in the vulva region, which disappears after a few days. Sometimes the hymenotomy is combined with hymenoplasty, i.e. a surgery aimed at restoring the normal form of the hymen.

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