The procedure is performed in patients suffering from vaginal “open entry” most often being a result of perinatal injuries.

This procedure is usually carried out in conjunction with vaginal plastic surgery, but it can also be performed as a sole procedure when the vagina is not too wide and the only problem is its deformed and widened entrance, i.e. the vaginal vestibule and perineum.

The surgery involves a rhombus-shaped excision of deformed vulvar and perineal vestibule tissues, which are then sutured medially, approximating the muscles surrounding the vulvar vestibule. The stitches are dissolvable and the postoperative scar will be invisible once it has healed. The procedure gives permanent functional and cosmetic effects, as opposed to less invasive methods, such as “Vaginal Narrower”, which offer a temporary improvement of appearance (2-3 years). However, they can be performed in women who do not want to undergo a full surgical procedure, but prefer a short and minimally invasive one. A special thread is used to narrow the vaginal entry, i.e. its vestibule. It dissolves within 2-3 years.

After each of the abovementioned treatments it is not allowed to have intercourse and take baths for 4 – 6 weeks. During this period, it is necessary to make sure that the treated area is kept dry and clean.

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