The procedure makes it possible to restore the original conditions of the intimate area or completely restore it. Vaginoplasty was designed for women who had many vaginal childbirths, suffer from obesity, do hard physical work or feel discomfort due to congenital defects. In addition, specialist doctors always recommend it when vaginal circular muscles are stretched and pelvic floor muscles damaged, which leads to lowering of the perineum and enlargement of the vaginal vestibule. Vaginoplasty is sometimes referred to as elasticity-improving procedure, because it improves tonus of the vaginal muscles. It is extremely important to make sure that vaginoplasty is performed by a gynaecologist who has the right knowledge and experience in the field.

The main contraindications to vaginoplasty include planned pregnancy, poor health (confirmed by blood test results), blood clotting disorders and cancer. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. The doctor makes an incision of the back vaginal wall and removes excess tissue, after which he stitches the muscles and vaginal mucosa with absorbable sutures. The patient should remain at the Clinic for at least 24 hours.

Total recovery from vaginal surgery takes about two months – after that time the patient can resume sexual activity. A follow-up visit takes place 7 days after the surgery. Swelling and bruising of the perineum may persist for two weeks. Painkillers can be taken to soothe the pain and decrease elevated body temperature. It is important to take care of a thorough and proper hygiene of the perineum.

Vaginoplasty is aimed at changing vaginal width and improving tonus of vaginal muscles. Visual aspects also improve which is equally important. Women who decided to take advantage of this procedure were able to enjoy more self-esteem.

Frequently asked questions

This type of treatment is standard for patients after the age of 18.

6 weeks.

It is necessary to use ice compresses 5-6 times a day for 30 minutes, use Octenisept, Tantum Rosa and prescription ointments for 7 days after the procedure. Avoid bathing in a bathtub or pool for 6 weeks.

Theoretically, you can do the procedure after 6 weeks, but it is best to wait at least 2 months after delivery.

At least six weeks after surgery.

It is difficult to get a reimbursement for this treatment. One can possibly combine vaginoplasty with a more serious procedure. The surgeries offered by Dr. Szczyt’s clinic are done exclusively out-of-pocket. It is an individual matter. The procedure itself does not hurt, because it is carried out under anaesthesia, but recovery can be uncomfortable.

This is an an individual matter. The procedure itself does not hurt because it is carried out under anesthesia, while convalescence can be uncomfortable for the patient.

No, provided there are no possible side effects.

As with all surgical procedures, vaginoplasty can cause side effects

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