Injection Lipolysis


Model your figure effectively and effortlessly

Is it possible to lose unnecessary kilos in an effective, effortless and completely safe manner? Of course it is! And it is not another “miracle diet” but a professional aesthetic medicine procedure. Quick loss of a few centimetres in the waist or thigh circumference is a good and motivating start of regular body care.

Elimination of adipose tissue (injection lipolysis) is nothing more than non-invasive body modelling which involves injecting a substance that causes fat cells to dissolve. Intended and controlled light inflammation of the adipose tissue occurs at the injection site. “Swollen” cells break down, and released fats pass into blood that goes to the liver where they are broken down and then excreted from the body.

Injection lipolysis is a completely safe procedure performed by a doctor and does not require any special preparation from the patient. Redness and oedema usually appear after injection, sometimes also bruises after needle puncturing. The treated area is sensitive to touch or pressure, skin itching or mild pain may also occur. This reaction usually lasts a few days after the procedure. It can be reduced with antihistamines and traditional painkillers.

The effect of a series of treatments is usually 4-5 cm less in circumference in the injection area. In the case of small amounts of fat, 2-3 treatments are usually enough to achieve it. However, if the adipose tissue is thick and plentiful, the number of treatments must be considerably higher. The interval between them should be 3-4 weeks. As a complement to the therapy we recommend the use of lymphatic massage, which will accelerate the removal of fat from cells and facilitate its transport through the lymphatic vessels.


  • double chin
  • fat rolls on the abdomen
  • thigh fat, very wide thighs
  • buttock fat, too full buttocks
  • thick, fatty, so called “bull’s” neck
  • fat around armpits, fat pads near armpits
  • knee fat, too full knees
  • body shaping
  • upper limbs in the triceps area
  • gynecomastia
  • hips
  • folds on the back (below the ribs)

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Injection Lipolysis

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