Natural rejuvenation

Radiesse is a procedure that, in addition to filling, serves to model the contour of the face. It increases skin density, improves its structure but without excessive volume.

The effects are immediate and usually last for more than a year and in the case of many patients even longer. The main ingredient of the preparation is calcium hydroxyapatite with a unique and patented composition, identical to that found in human bones and teeth. This ensures full safety of the procedure.

Thanks to a special gel medium the filling effect is immediate and visible right after the procedure. Over time (about 4 months) the gel is absorbed by macrophages and disappears, but new collagen produced by fibroblasts takes its place. The production of new collagen takes place around calcium hydroxyapatite micro-particles that form the “scaffolding” in tissues and are a specific stimulant for the production of collagen fibres. Thanks to that the skin rejuvenates naturally, becomes thicker and more elastic.

Radiesse can be used to fill moderate and deep nasolabial and mentolabial folds, zygomatic areas, and to improve the shape and contour of the face, including nose. Radiesse is also used to rejuvenate dorsal surface of hands because hands – like face – betray the passage of time. Vessels and bones become more distinct on their outer side. The lost volume can be recovered thanks to Radiesse.

When deciding to do the procedure, you do not need to perform any allergy tests, as the preparation does not contain ingredients of animal origin. Radiesse is 100% biocompatible, i.e. it is absorbed naturally. Usually one procedure is enough, but after 3-4 months a medical consultation is recommended, during which the doctor will evaluate and, if necessary, perform a follow-up procedure. Patients usually return to full activity immediately after the procedure. Possible adverse effects such as swelling, pain, bruising or redness usually disappear after 2-3 days.

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