Treatment that immediately gives the effect of deep skin hydration, soothes, restores shine, lifts. It uses the latest generation three-dimensional hydrogel sheet mask. Three-dimensional technology allows for much deeper penetration of active ingredients into the skin, which accelerates, increases and extends the effects. Depending on the needs of the skin, there are two types of hydrogel mask to choose from:

ANTI-AGE – the mask immediately tightens, smooths and brightens the skin. It contains hexapeptide, arginine, liquorice and bearberry extract, carob, mineral and volcanic water, as well as antioxidants.

HYDRATING – the mask intensively moisturizes, soothes and smooths the skin. It is a “hydrating bomb” with hyaluronic acid, mineral and volcanic water, Amorphophallus root extract, Irish moss and plant extracts.

The treatment is recommended after intensive aesthetic medicine procedures and chemical peels.


  • for all skin types
  • for pregnant women
  • dehydrated skin
  • sensitive, irritated skin
  • smoker’s skin
  • after intensive aesthetic medicine procedures.

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