I PEEL Lightening lift forte


I peel lightening lift forte - your way to reduce the visibility of discolourations

I peel lightening lift forte is a modern, well developed preparation used in the fight against stubborn discolourations and pigmentation disorders. This treatment recommended if you have uneven skin tone, including sun spots, chemical and mechanical lesions, acne scars and lesions of genetic origin. It can be used regardless of your skin type. This preparation combines natural ingredients with potent active substances which even out your skin tone

Ingredients of I peel lightening forte

The peel consists of a 50 % lactic acid solution, stem cells, undaria pinnatifida and echinacea extracts, as well as other brightening substances which counteract excessive melanogenesis, i.e. the production of too much pigment. The use of lactic acid not only brightens discolourations, but also exfoliates dead epidermis and balances the pH level of the skin. This substance also has strong anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating properties, it moisturises deep layers of the skin and protects it against water loss. Stem cells protect the epidermis from the sun and stimulate collagen production. Undaria pinnatifida extract has soothing and moisturising properties and promotes epidermal reconstruction. Echinacea essence has antibacterial properties and accelerates skin regeneration. Thanks to the combination of AHA acids with natural ingredients the preparation guarantees an even skin tone and refreshment.

Your way to get rid of sun spots

Fair skin tends to discolour when exposed to strong sun rays. Melanin-producing cells begin to malfunction and thus spots appear on the skin. Unfortunately, your face is the most vulnerable to such changes. One of the most effective methods of treating lesions caused by excessive skin exposure to UV radiation is the application of a suitable acid and I peel lightening lift forte is perfect for this purpose.

How to reduce acne lesions?

This peel is also effective against scars caused by moderate as well as advanced forms of acne. It effectively brightens discolourations and gives your skin a healthy tone. Any changes in skin colour, even of mechanical or chemical origin, become less visible or disappear completely after the application of this preparation.

We recommend performing this procedure in the period from autumn to early spring, because it is necessary to avoid harsh sunlight exposure after the treatment. You will also have to protect your skin with SPF 50 sunscreen.

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