Kobido – Japanese Face Lift


Kobido is a Japanese face massage, which is a perfect alternative to aesthetic medicine treatments. Its purpose is to get rid of any tension that tends to freeze muscles and their function.

Due to its complexity and intensity of techniques that work in the deeper skin and muscle layers, it activates the nerves and thus increases Qi (energy) flow in the face, resulting in natural lifting.

It is a completely natural and non-invasive alternative for all those who are afraid of needles and cannot or do not want to undergo a surgical facelift. It is extremely relaxing and calming.

The treated area includes muscles of the shoulder, décolletage, neck, back, head and face.

The outcomes are visible after the first treatment, but in order to reinforce and maintain the effect, it is recommended to repeat it once a week.


acute inflammation of the body, skin,
dental extractions, peri-dental purulent conditions,
up to 4 weeks after fillers, Botox – 2 weeks, PDO threads – up to 6 months,
after laser treatments and mesotherapy just after inflammation has disappeared.

The treatment takes 75 minutes – (makeup removal, proper massage, finishing with serum and post-treatment cream)



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85 €

100 €