Lymphatic Drainage


Lymphatic drainage is a form of special massage, which is aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system. It involves pressing and rubbing the skin by means of specific techniques and specialized movements, in order to push the accumulated liquid, called lymph, underneath it, and thus eliminate swelling and improve lymph circulation. Lymph is a clear watery liquid that contains, among others, proteins and electrolytes. It comes from blood and cleanses body tissues. Lymph contains lymphocytes which are part of the immune system. This massage firms the skin and reduces wrinkles. Swelling, even congestive and inflammatory, disappears. Toxins are removed from skin cells and lymph circulation becomes much more efficient. Lymphatic drainage helps to get rid of sinus problems, swollen eyes and swellings in other parts of the face. It significantly improves skin condition, as well as increases the absorption of nutrients and medicinal substances contained in the cosmetics.


Drainage is a preparatory method for procedures performed on the face and body, e.g.; scrubs, before the application of fillers, as well as before and after surgical procedures.

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Lymphatic Drainage

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