Segmental massage


Support in diagnosing and treatment of internal organs

It is no news that massage has many advantages. Correctly applied, it brings physical and psychological relief, reduces back strain, helps in quick recovery and regeneration. It can also be very helpful in diagnosing and treating diseases.

For this purpose, we use segmental massage, which includes several grips and manipulations. A specific technique and sequence of these enables the diagnosis and treatment of internal organ dysfunctions.

An important aspect of this massage are the cutaneous and muscular segments which make it possible to assess the condition of tissues. Indications for this treatment include: functional and chronic diseases of internal organs, circulatory disorders, functional, degenerative and chronic rheumatic diseases of the spine, joints and soft tissues, post traumatic disorders and disturbances in the functioning of endocrine glands.

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Segmental massage

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Therapeutic appointment (with selected physical treatments)

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