Valuable support of correct healing

In plastic surgery, correctly performed procedure accounts for 99% of success. To achieve full success, we need to dot the I’s, by making sure that the scars resulting from the procedure are as discreet as possible. This is why, we offer professional complementary treatments which make it possible to minimise the signs of surgical interventions and effectively manage the healing process.

Ultrasounds are a very useful method preventing possible irregularities that may happen during the formation of postoperative scars. The procedure uses longitudinal acoustic waves of 1MHz and 3MHz frequency. Through vibrations, the tissue is subjected to a micro-massage. Ultrasounds improve tissue oxidation, the transportation of substrates and energy products, have relaxing and analgesic properties and increase the flexibility of collagen fibres. This enables correct wound healing and control scar formation.

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Therapeutic appointment (with selected physical treatments)

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