Modern solutions in plastic surgery

Argo plasma has been used in various fields of medicine for many years. Improvements of this technology enabled the development of modern treatments, also in the field of plastic surgery, which improve skin tightness and firmness. They guarantee very good results and are effective, as well as safe for patients.

Argon is a biologically inert noble gas, which has no adverse impact on human health. Due to its properties, it can maintain temperature stability. Treatment with argon plasma is safe and controlled. It is aimed at getting rid of excess flabby skin. During the treatment old, stretched collagen fibres are strongly shrunk, while production of new collagen is stimulated. The use of argon plasma allows to minimise the risk of carbonisation during soft tissue coagulation.

The treatment is performed with a modern Argo Plasma generator, which combines the properties of argon plasma with radio wave energy. This technology ensures selective shrinking of collagen fibres, as they are tissues with the lowest resistance, while all other structures remain intact. Due to the properties offered by argon gas, the treated body area is effectively cooled and there is no need to control the epidermal temperature. Argo Plasma ensures full precision and guarantees patient safety.

One of the most important advantages of argon plasma technology involves long-lasting and spectacular results. Excess flabby skin is no longer a problem, so you can enjoy self-confidence and get rid of complexes. Regeneration of damaged tissues proceeds quickly, so the period of post-treatment recovery is not long. On top of that you will not feel any pain during the procedure.

Argo plasma technology is considered to be a breakthrough in the field of plastic surgery. It is one of the most effective ways to get rid of excess flabby skin after bariatric surgery, liposuction, pregnancy or weight loss. Argo Plasma quickly improves skin tightness and shrinks excess skin, so there’s no need to do tiring exercises or undergo other less comfortable firming treatments. Argon plasma can be used in plastic surgery to improve the appearance of different body parts, such as arms, abdomen or chin. The first effects are visible immediately after the procedure, and the final result after a few weeks. Argo Plasma does not involve any risk of skin damage.

Argo Plasma - Prices


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Argo Plasma (1 treatment area)

1400 €



Argo Plasma (every additional treatment area)

860 €