Use the opportunities offered by your own body

Fatty tissue is the best natural filler. It can be used for lip enhancement, wrinkle reduction, fold smoothing or as a filler in areas that need more volume. Tissue harvested from your own body is well tolerated by the organism and gives natural outcomes.

Fat transfer or fat grafting is similar to standard liposuction, but it uses much less fatty tissue. Fat is usually grafted from medial thigh surface or suprapubic area. The surgeon will harvest slightly more tissue than necessary for grafting, because adipose tissue may become damaged or biodegrade during the procedure, thus reducing the mass of the harvested tissue to as little as 30%. It is therefore often necessary to repeat the procedure.

In the first stage of the procedure the surgeon will use a thick needle to administer a special liquid in the harvesting area to shrink the vessels and thus reduce bleeding after the procedure. The fat is then extracted by means of cannulas and syringes. Finally, sutures and dressings are placed on the surgical site, and the harvesting site is compressed by means of special garment or patches. Hematoma, puss or temporary unevenness of the operating sites may occur after the treatment.

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