More than a plastic surgery


Warsaw Aesthetic is more than a plastic surgery. It is a place where the highest standard and holistic care are our priorities – starting from safety, comfort and customer satisfaction, through the best specialists and staff, ending up with the entire medical facilities.

We are a modern and technologically advanced plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic in Poland, which brings together the best doctors in many specializations, fluently speaking foreign languages. We have comfortable medical offices, specialized operating and recovery rooms in a VIP standard. We have innovative medical equipment of the latest generation, which, combined with the expertise and experience of our specialists, ensures that the procedures are performed at the highest, world-class level and in compliance with all safety rules, and that the results are fully satisfactory for our patients.

We approach every patient individually, while creating a pleasant atmosphere and surrounding with care to ensure that your entire stay in the clinic is comfortable and safe. We are here for you.