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Breasts are special for women, which is why it’s worth looking after their appearance at all ages. With age, however, you may need more than exercise and firming body balms, especially if you have given birth and breastfeed or followed an intensive slimming regime. Thanks to mastopexy, breasts can regain their youthful firmness and roundness.

Breast lift consists in making an incision along the natural breast crease in order to determine the area of the new nipple and areola location.  Skin around the areola and underneath it is removed and the gland is remodelled so that it is more compact, firm and lifted.

Breast lift can be combined with augmentation. If this is the case, the size and type of implants should be determined during a consultation with your doctor.  In both cases, the procedure is carried out in general anaesthesia, which involves spending one day at the clinic.

Immediately after the surgery, the patient receives a special bra, which aims at shaping the final appearance of the breasts. It should be worn all the time (day and night) for a month. It can be first removed in the clinic 7 days after the procedure while stiches are being removed. Following that, it can be removed at home for baths or to be washed.

In the first days after the procedure, breasts are a little swollen, harder and unnaturally protruding. With time, however, they become very natural in appearance, touch and feel. The final outcome is visible after approximately 3 months.

GER Frequently asked questions

The final effect of the treatment is visible after about three months.

The final effect of the treatment is visible after about three months.

The breast gradually drop after lifting. Age, weight change, or susequent pregnancy may mean that you will need another surgery.

Breast lift is safe if you follow your doctor’s instructions. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia after prior physician qualification for surgery and for anesthesia.

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