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Hair and scalp examination – Trichoscopy – a non-invasive and modern method of diagnosis

Hair examination – Trichoscopy is a non-invasive and modern way of diagnosing hair without having to take a hair sample. The examination is painless and can also be performed in children and pregnant and lactating women. Trichoscopy allows you to assess the condition of hair stems, hair follicles and the surrounding scalp. The examination helps to diagnose and assess the severity of many scalp diseases including:

  • telogen effluvium,
  • alopecia areata (spot baldness),
  • androgenetic alopecia,
  • other types of non-cicatricial and cicatricial alopecia

Trichoscopy is also indispensable in the diagnosis of broken and mechanically damaged hair.

Hair examination Trichoscopy – an indispensable tool for monitoring hair loss treatment

Digital examination of hair and scalp is not only a tool for diagnosing disorders. Trichoscopy also helps in monitoring treatment progress. Thanks to it you will know whether the treatment you are undergoing brings the planned effect.


During the examination, a dermatologist looks at hair and scalp from the forehead, temporal and occipital areas under magnification of 20 times.

Do not dye or perm your hair for a few days before the examination. Do not use hair care products such as hair mousse, gel, spray, conditioner for about a day before the examination.

Trichoscopy should be performed if you have been experiencing excessive hair loss, fragility and other disturbing symptoms such as itchiness, eczema or scalp scabs for a long time.