Face Lift Surgery


Look younger

Plastic surgery has long known methods to help win the race against time. A face and neck lift is a time-tested and proven procedure, readily embraced by patients. The main purpose of the face lift is to give your face a more youthful appearance but it may also provide a slight correction of your facial features.  An unquestioned advantage of the face lift is that it makes your face look much younger and natural, since surgical intervention is hardly noticeable.

The procedure involves reduction of tissue in the middle and lower sections of the face and neck. As tissue sags with age, it causes skin to wrinkle. During the procedure, the surgeon not only tightens the skin but also reaches deeper underneath. The surgeon cuts fascia covering the muscles and gently shifts it in these sections of the face where skin lost its resilience. Incisions made on the temple and on and behind the ear are hardly visible. Following this reconstruction process, the skin is better spread across the muscles with no loss of facial expressions and the face looks natural. The face lift slightly shallows the line between the nose and lips, however, injectable fillers may be used to retouch it for the enhanced result.

The procedure is performed under an intravenous or general anaesthesia, therefore one day stay at the clinic is required. During the first few days after the surgery, your face will be visibly swollen and bruised but swelling and bruising will recede with time. Treatments offered as a part of the comprehensive perioperative care may help accelerate recovery. Such treatments improve quality and the rate of wound healing and relieve tissue tension. The use of Plastic Scar Management (PSM) program is also recommended.

You should avoid bending and heavy lifting at least for one month after the surgery.

Face Lift Surgery - Price


Price from

Price to


Full Facelift

4 200 €

5 500 €


Secondary Facelift

7 500 €


Neck Lift, Temporal or Mini Facelift

3 500 €


Forehead Lift

2 900 €

5 100 €


Deep Plane Facelift

12 000 €